What are warid glow sms packages?

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Warid glow is offering some good internet packages. What sms packages are offered by Warid glow?

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  1. Guest2200
    Send Unlimited SMS to any number, any network in Pakistan through warid glow using following packages:
    1000 SMS in Rs. 7.99+tax/week – To activate, SMS Glow1000 to 7777or call 321
    700 SMS in Rs. 6.99/week – To activate, SMS Glow700 to 7777 or call 321
    250 SMS in Rs. 2.99/day – To activate, SMS Glow250 to 7777or call 321
    Activation charges on all bundles 1Rs+tax.

  2. Guest4301

    plz tell me about warid call packages...

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