What are your predictions for India VS Srilanka cricket worldcup 2011 match?

by Guest808  |  12 years, 6 month(s) ago

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India and sri Lanka has qualified for final round of Cricket world cup 2011, What do you think who will win this match, Share your prediction.

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  1. Guest6399

    I am supporting Srilanka, i think Sri lanka deserve this victrory more then india. They have strong batting order but both team lacks in bowling, But in my opinion cricket worldcup 2011 trophie must go in Sri Lanka. 

  2. Guest8194

    I think Sri Lanka is more balanced team as compared to India. Though India has home ground but Sri Lanka has beaten them many time in their own country.

    If Sri Lankan bowlers do not do mistakes as Pakistani bowlers did then Definitely Sri Lanka will win the final with big margin.


  3. Guest9621

     Both team performed well to reach till the final stage but it was India who played outstanding to gain the trophy. And it was always India which out of these two teams is more balanced. Yes India thou has got home advantage but they really worked hard to reach till there. But to doubt involvement of Indian cricket board into the matters can change things for them as well. Like the way Pakistani bowler M. Amir has been penalized upon that match in which he was man of the match.

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