What areas of Insurance Sectors are focused in SECP's efforts?

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I am a student of Islamic  University  and have been assigned a task regarding Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. I want to know, What areas of Insurance Sectors are focused in SECP's efforts?

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  1. Guest7428
    To strengthen SECP’s role as an effective facilitator for sound development of the insurance and takaful industry and to achieve the underlying objective of raising the insurance penetration level, the following key areas have been in focus of SECP’s efforts:

    Protection of the interest of insurance policyholders.
    Amendments in the regulatory framework to strengthen SECP’s role as an apex insurance regulator.
    Enhancement of regulatory framework for Takaful Insurance.
    Availability of insurance protection to less privileged segment of the society (Micro insurance).
    Insurance Awareness Programs.
    Enhanced public image of the insurance industry.

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