What can I do with a degree in communications?

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Is the degree of communication is beneficial for the one who earn it from a reputable university? What can I do with a degree in communications, what is the scope of this discipline in the current market?

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  1. Jennifer

     "If you are the one who is considering to pursue a career in communications, and aren't sure what careers it will prepare you for? We are here to offer and give you information on some of the good job openings for you. This effort will give a complete know how to the students for a variety of careers including but not limited to:

    • Advertising Executive

    • Broadcast Technician

    • Columnist

    • Copywriter

    • Disc Jockey

    • Editor

    • Journalist

    • Lobbyist

    • Media Specialist

    • Producer

    • Public Relations Specialist

    • Publisher

    • Reporter

    • Speech Writer

    • Teacher

    • Technical Writer

    • Video Engineer"

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