What can a new mother do to lose weight

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What can a new mother do to lose weight

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    Pregnancy and the birthing process are incredible natural processes that have significant physical and hormonal changes on the female body. It is expected that women will gain weight during pregnancy as their body prepares to nurture a life or lives within it. Other weight is gained as a result of food cravings and levels of inactivity that one may not be used to.

    Losing this weight can be a challenge, however some things can be done to aid the process. This includes eating small frequent meals that are balanced and healthy. Drinking lots of fluids and consuming dietary fiber will act to reduce water retention, a major aid in the appearance of weight gain and bloating. Light exercise will also boost weight loss once your doctor declares you able.

    Finally, understanding your nutritional needs is critical whether you are breastfeeding or not. According to the requirements are as follows:

    If You’re Breastfeeding:

    Calories: 2,200–2,400

    Calcium: 1,000–1,300 mg

    Folate: 280 mcg

    Iron: 15 mg

    Protein: 65 g

    Vitamin C: 95 mg

    If You're Not Breastfeeding:

    Calories:  1,900–2,200 800

    Calcium: 1,300 mg

    Folate: 180 mcg

    Iron: 15 mg

    Protein: 44–50 g

    Vitamin C: 60 mg

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