What causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder aka PTSD ?

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  1. Victor Strong

     @Guest 128 - That link is no longer valid.

    As for your question; PTSD happens after (post) a traumatic and stressful event including sexual assualt, things seen and/or done in warfare, from an incident causing serious injury or death reled treats.

    If the following symptoms occur more than a month after the trigger event and have a debilitating impact on the quality of one's life, PTSD is a likely diagnosis:

    vivid and disturbing flashbacks, blocking out or avoiding memories related to the event and in the case of sexual assault - being overly sexually aroused,

     In studying brains influenced by PTSD it is evident that deep neurological patterns are established due to an over-reactive adrenaline response during a traumatic event. This leads to lower than normal levels of cortisol and serotoin and fluctuations in dopamine levels. 



  2. Guest128

    FREE PTSD guidance on it's causes, signs and symptoms and treatment for veterans and others can be found at

    which provides the latest information on post-traumatic stress disorder and it's possible links to other medical problems such as respiratory, sleep apnea and cardiac disorders.


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