What colleges or university accept Continental Academy High School Diploma

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What colleges or university accept Continental Academy High School Diploma

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  1. Alexa

    I called 15 Online Colleges and reached out to every local community college within 30 miles and they all rejected my 2005 Continental Academy diploma. I worked so hard to get it and paid $600 for it!

    I ended up lighting my diploma on fire. I found a legit program online where I was able to obtain my high school diploma, it's called Now I am going on my second semester and I had no problem getting ADMISSIONS to accept me, because my diploma is LEGIT & ACCREDITED!

  2. ashley

    Kieser University accept but only for certain years, im not sure but i think its from 2007-2010. after that they lost there accreditation.

  3. Anne

     I haven't found a single college that will accept the diploma if the diploma was recieved after 2009. The school lost it's accredidation. Nobody will accept it. Even the schols these people have listed. I've tried all of them. If you have a diploma from continental academy that is after 2009, give up and get your GED. It really sucks but it's all you can do. We were all screwed out of our money. Also our beautiful government know what this school is up to and is not only allowing it to continue, but is also basically saying to all of us having problems "F*ck you" So yeah we are out of luck.

  4. Brittney

     Shout out to Guest9433. God know's he's the ONLY one who really said anything VALUABLE to the question asked. 


    I graduated from continental academy with a 3.82 GPA. 3 B's & the other 13 were A's. On a transcript, all of that looked very pleasing to the college I applied for DUKE UNIVERSITY. So I got accepted. Its not who you take it to....its HOW you take it to them!

  5. Guest1615
    write college, truman college
  6. Guest3740
    university of phoenix
  7. Guest3797
    I just finished my application for University of Phoenix and I have a Continental Academy Diploma, the admissions counselor stated i might have run into a problem with my diploma. Has anyone's application ever been denied due to this?
  8. Guest2758
    yes they wound
  9. Guest6998
    Continental High School Academy is sure for certain accredited high school as you are able to just pass it in 1 month or 1 year or four year no rush i lovethat bout them straight up cause they were able to help me out so much with call.question much as possible then i get into the college call westwood college even though i hear westwood work with liberty high school online too but i know Continential is fully accredited.keep in mind my professor saying how all it mean to be ACCREDITED is the school just meet MINIMAL StaNDard of education no biggie. i think it is sad the fact some HATERS make a big deal out of online school it is way of the future i was out of school 21 years and am in my late thirties JUST graduate westwood past year making over 85,000 by 39 so i am happy. JUST by taking online cours for high school with Continental so yes they are accredited. but again my profess said it should not even be a big deal it just mean school meet"minimal"standard the REAL challenge is getting accept in the college and beating the college course few years get a high paying job later or your own business with a degree on the wall backing you nephew early twenties got his from continental after me within 2 and a 1/2 months i took 4 mos.he got a job now offer from TOP law firm might go for legal studies next so good luck.any question email me anytime  over at
    i am a real guy we are real family real comment and again continental even put my nephew on payment plan i pay though up front happy about it look great and my professor right should not be listed as fake diploma it is REAL as well as the fact high skool not based on how many YEARS when it can be cram in 1 or few testing center.or online etc. i am jhappy making so much with a college degree to boot from continental giving me my chance bye now.from mark
  10. Guest4157
    If there are any colleges out there that would accept their diploma let me know because I am having a h**l of a time getting accepted into any college around where I live.
  11. Guest9945
    im trin to go to college and im worried thattheyr not going to take it.... wanago to lone star college in conroe, tx. hopefully they will take it....what do i need to tell the ppl at the college...
  12. Guest4743
    High Schools can provide you a list of where they have sent official transcripts to however, there is no high school in America that can provide you with a list of where their students have been accepted because after the college receives the official transcript from the high school, the college does NOT communicate with the high school to let them know that they have accepted the student. You simply have to meet the college’s admissions requirements. All colleges have their own admissions policy that you can check out at their web site. Most community colleges have an “open door” admissions policy where accreditation is not an issue. You simply have to apply online, and have your high school mail them an OFFICIAL transcript proving that you are a high school graduate.  I can see that Continental Academy has been around since 1996, more than likely, they have a good program or they would not be around anymore.
  13. Guest5185
    University of Phoenix denied my continental academy diploma. They had told me that I need to go to my local community college and get my GED. I am a mother of 2 and one on the way I am just trying to forward my life and this is what I get. A big No!!! Needless to say, me not my husband are happy about this at all.
  14. Guest2572
    NO ONE !!!!   get into a few schools i had everything to , but once the schools checked the status out they all called me and to me they were sorry and can't accept me into school because of my dipoma is NOT accredited and I was told to go get my GED. After five years of having that diploma.
  15. Guest4775
    Continental Academy is a home study high school. The best education is for a student to be sitting in front of a teacher however, if that cannot happen then Continental Academy can be an option to earn your high school diploma. My son graduated in June 2010 and he is currently taking college classes at our local community college. He was accepted by the community college because he earned his high school diploma from Continental Academy and he earned a high score on the SAT and ACT exams.
    Please keep in mind that a high school diploma from any high school, by itself, is not enough to be accepted by a college. A high school diploma is the minimum requirement. You must meet the additional requirements of the college such as having a sufficient score on the SAT and/or ACT exams. Each year our local public school graduates hundreds of students who are not accepted by colleges and universities because they do not have the academic skills to meet the additional entrance requirements. As an example, last year the University of Miami only accepted 38% of their college applicants. Attending a college or university is a privilege; not a right. The acceptance of high school graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer.
    I would recommend that you visit the website of the college you are interested in and find the admissions requirements for homeschoolers (students who earned their high school diploma through a home study program). If you cannot find it, call the Admissions Department and ask them what are the admissions requirements for homeschoolers. This way you will know exactly what is required from the college you want to attend. Each college has their own admissions requirements. The bottom line is that having a high school diploma is much better than not having a high school diploma. Hope this info helps.
  16. Guest728
    Well in base my experience I got acepted in Corcordia Quebec but I dont know in Universities in United States, Make sure to have high marks and knows what he is learning so with that he maybe get in.

    Best of LUck
  17. Guest5017
    Colorado Technical University Online accepts this diploma.
  18. Guest1122
    what college accept nation high school online school
  19. Guest3846

    Going forward make sure when you are going to school online for your High School Diploma they are Accredited by the following. This will ensure your diploma will be accepted anywhere you choose to go to college.






  20. Guest7806

     i got accepted into wvu with my continental academy diploma. it took me a month and a half and an upfront payment to get this diploma. i also took both an act and an sat test as well. i also took 5 single course classes with phoenix while i was working on my continental dimploma just so i would be ahead with my credits at wvu. you dont need a diploma to take single courses. but taking single courses is pretty dumb unless you are going to do what i did..not to mention very expensive! this is the first time ive heard anything about continental being a scam. its pretty legit to me.

  21. Guest9523

    College acceptance is based on your academic skills and your ability to meet the admissions requirements of the college. YOU are applying to the college, NOT your high school. It does not matter what high school you graduate from. The question is do you have the academic skills necessary to meet the admissions requirements of the college. Just think about the thousands of students that graduate from public schools that are not accepted by colleges. These students end up taking remedial classes at their local community college and these classes offer no credits. If you have a high SAT or ACT score and have good grades, you definitely will be accepted by a college - no matter what high school you graduate from.

  22. Guest1872

    I graduated from Continental Academy in 2003 and I was accepted and graduated from Devry University.

  23. Guest5099

    Guest18695759 sounds fake as h**l lol

  24. Guest79

    I was accepted by AIU in Dunwoody with Continental Academy Diploma, but soon after I got half way finish with my degree I was dropped by the school. I was told that the diploma did meet the Georgia Standardize Testing Criteria. UM!! That really messed me up and discourage me from finishing. The school advised me to go an get my GED so I could finish. There are only a two schools that I know of that does not recognize CAD and thats AIU and Atlanta Area Technical College.

  25. Guest9433


  26. Guest8026

    hello all i have a continental diploma too yes it is hard to get in the so called reputable schools in my area florida. Hey I just pack it in and look for a suitable university. I was accepted in AMU AMERICAN MILITARY UNIVERSITY it is great here. Doing AA in counter terrorism then will be doing my BS. The diploma acceptance thing is a money issue because these schools set up a list for them self that the department of education did not set up. How can one school say we dont accept your diploma with out something in writing? Let them give you something in writing and you take it to Continental . They will not give you anything in writing because it is discrimination to reject ones school without documented reasons since it can be take to court they will not give it . Dont talk diploma talk transcript and if they insist on reject your diploma ask them for  a response in writing for the reason with signature of principal.

  27. Guest7702

    I was accepted by my State of Pennsylvania community college. I graduated last September from Continental Academy and applied as a homeschooled graduate. If you can meet the admissions requirements for homeschoolers you definitely will be accepted.

  28. Guest9859

    I attend Univerity of Phoenix and I am about to graduate with my associates degree and I graduated from Continental Academy in 2004

  29. Guest3225

     my name is jennifer i have went to two different community colleges with contiental academy diploma and i tried to transfer to coahoma community college and they told me that they doesn't accept contiental academy i feel that you should be able to get into any college or university.

  30. Guest454

    hi my name is jennifer i usually don't do this but i'm also been having problems getting into colleges if there's anyone else having problems getting into any college call me at (901) 254-0945 im just trying to find out what the problem is . i wonder is continental academy a legit school. or do they need to sued.

  31. Guest47

     You went to Wright College??

  32. Guest3912

    Continental Academy is a school that is out for the money. A lot of reviews on here are from the early millenium. Continental Academy diplomas are not accepted because the colleges want a rural diploma. Continental only distributes NATIONAL diplomas. Whatever that means, I dont know. I have applied to 10 colleges and this school is not on the list. I dont know what to do next, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to respond to my ad. Thanks!!!

  33. Guest5395

    Well...Continental Academy have worked well for me. My name jasmyn,and im from Louisiana,I've enrolled in (LSU) Louisiana State University. I also visit ITT -Tech which they accept Continental diploma's. Lot's of people don't know that Continental is Accredited ,and Associated with Southern Association of colleges. So..if you live in the south most University's will accept your diploma.

  34. Guest4214

    Well i finish back to 2009, I did learn a lot with school, two thinks you have to know before to get any program first if it school is accept with ACT Test, and if you is planning to go to college or University take in mind some schools request it test eh. second it school offer 3 differents programs, if you really planning to go to school as University as I am doing it rigth now, I advice to take O.U.T.R.EA.C.H program it have 24 credits and you have to study by your own, if you do have questions or have difficulty to understand call then, I sure their be able to explain as they did couples times. It is for people who work full time and very much are busy working and want to learn by their own selfs, I give other choice, maybe it is more economic and taking more time, You can go to adult learning center or young center in your city, and go to school over the nigth or part time over the weekends. one more small advice maybe it help you. when you done your credits make sure to do the ACT test after, so when you done school. If you do have more questions requesting college or University  applications, go to school webside go admi

  35. Guest2098

    I graduated from there in 2008 Phoenix excepted me, but they did tell me that anyone that is in this school after 2010 will not be excepted because the school is no longer accredited.

  36. Guest2799

    I don't think so you wont be have any problems make sure to do have all what it need and good luck with it :D

  37. Guest8911

    Daymar Institute accepts it.

  38. Guest4310

    My Name is Tameka i AM 24 I Live in Mansfield Area. I graduated in 2010 with a Diploma From Contiental Accademy which I to am having a relly hard time getn into college. I wanna do online schooling and still geting denied. University Of Phoneix denied my App saying it's not accredited. To Whom ever out there who has info on online Schooling pls E-Mail me at  it's very important. I just gotta find my way I have 3 Kids who deserve Better.

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