What do I need to know when travelling with an infant or child from Qatar Airways?

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I have traveled many places through different airlines. I want to know if I am travelling with an infant or child from Qatar Airways then what do I need to know? Does anyone know about that?

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    Children between the ages of 0 and 2 are considered "infants", whilst "child" travel is defined as children aged 2 to 11 years of age. Qatar Airways provides bassinettes for infants and has a limited supply of children's toys & coloring books. As you know, children may experience pains in their ears, especially during the landing phase of flight. For this, it is helpful to provide a bottle for infants or gum for children, as this will help equalize the pressure in their ears. Our helpful cabin crew will do everything possible to help families and their children fly comfortably. We are happy to help. If you are planning to stay longer in a foreign country for any meaningful length of time, we recommend that you contact a health clinic or pediatrician to be aware of your child's immunization/vaccination schedule in advance. Always carry the baby or child's passport and/or birth certificate when traveling abroad.

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