What do you know about Pakistan women's cricket team

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My sister is a  university student and have assigned a task regarding Pakistan cricket. She was discussing it yesterday. I want to know  about Pakistan women's cricket team?

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  1. Guest4131
    The Pakistan women's cricket team has a much lower profile than the men's team. For all national women's cricket teams, the female players are paid much less their male counterparts and the women's teams do not receive as much popular support or recognition as the men's team. The women's teams also have a less packed schedule compared to men's teams and play fewer matches. The team played it first match during 1997, when it was on tour of New Zealand and Australia and were invited to the World Cup later that year and in the Women's Asia Cup during 2005 the team came third place. During 2007, the team with face South Africa and later in the year travel to Ireland to play in the Women's World Cup Qualifier. The team also played at theT20 England World Cup, the team finished 6th place, beating Sri Lanka and South Africa in 2009.

  2. Guest1173

     Yes all these stats provided by Karachi guide are true and correct and the guide is right that they do not receive the same amount of fame as the male cricket team gets. There are certain reason behind. 

    Looking upon the international cricket team of Pakistan which are not in the best of their form these days especially after the 1999 world cup. That is all because of the bad management or management in bad hands. The chairman is to any working body is selected on Political influence and after wards the team is structured on favoritism. 

    The same thing can been seen currently Misba ul Haq who was never there for the one day cricket and the same person has almost converted many of wining matches to losses. Because he is naturally a test player and he belongs to the area of the current prime minister of Pakistan so he is there as the Captain of one day side where he is himself not eligable. 

    Any ways my point is that the team male team is playing some good and impressive cricket from past many years. Waseem Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan are the name which bought the twist to the Pakistani cricket and after wards Pakistan was considered to produced the best fast bowlers in the world.

    They created the interest if nation towards cricket with their own hard work and struggle. Before these names which I just mentioned above cricket was not that widely watched in Pakistan. People were more interested in watching Hockey. 

    So now same way these ladies have to earn their name. Thou they are performing quite impressive and they are getting the fame as well but for the rapid fame they need to produce some big names to start on with.
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