What do you mean by Air India Fare Conditions?

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I read on the website of Air India about the Air India Fare Conditions but cannot understand what is meant by this. Does someone know about the meaning of Air India Fare Conditions?

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  1. Guest505
    All air tickets are governed by Air India fare conditions and they determine the price of the ticket. Depending on the Air India fare conditions the fares tend to vary. The most flexible fares have the least restrictions attached to it and are more expensive. It is very essential to know the most common conditions:
    1) Whether the ticket is refundable and the charges related to it and
    2) Whether the ticket dates/flight can be changed and the charges related to it
    3) Whether there is no show charges related to it
    Be sure to ask the booking agent about the fare conditions related to the fare/flights that you are purchasing.
    If you are making the booking online, you may view the restrictions when you click on the “View Fare Rules” link on the fare display page.

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