What documents are needed for registration under sales tax law?

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I want to be registered under sales tax law. What documents do I have to furnish along with my application for registration?

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  1. Guest8867
    Following information is required to be furnished in the registration form. Complete business name, Business nature, main / activity or service; Complete address of Head Office and all business units, godowns, outlets mentioning, phone, fax, e-mail, electricity, gas consumer no. etc.All Bank account numbers, with name and address.NTN (National Tax Number),NIC (National Identity Card Number) of the owner, partners or directors of the business (passport number in case of foreigner).In case of a company, registration number and date of incorporation. Every director / member of AOP has to fill in STR – 1 (A) Form. Date of commencement of business and initial capital employed. The mode of maintenances of business records should also be mentioned.

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