What documents are required for Australian work permit Visa for air crew?

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I have some experience of air crew and want to get  Australian work permit Visa. Would someone tell me that what documents are required for Australian work permit Visa for air crew?

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  1. Guest4719
    Document requirements are for air crew:

    After registering with a CTA, crew are still required to hold the appropriate documentation to facilitate processing on arrival. The document requirements will vary depending on the position a crew member holds.
    Operational crew

    Operational crew (entering as a crew member and departing as crew or a passenger) must hold:

    a valid passport
    an Airline Identity Card
    for freight only – should be issued with a CTA and be listed on the General Declaration Form signed on behalf of the air carrier.

    Positioning crew

    Positioning crew (entering as a passenger and departing as a member of the crew within 5 days) must hold:

    a valid passport
    a letter from the employer certifying that the person is an aircrew member, setting out the purpose of travel and the arrangements for the person to leave Australia.

    Aircraft Safety Inspectors

    Aircraft Safety Inspectors, who are treated in the same manner as crew when engaged on inspection duties, must present:

    a valid passport
    either a valid government identity document showing that the person is employed by a foreign government

    an ICAO Safety Inspector Certificate.

    Foreign military personnel travelling by air
    Information for foreign military personnel travelling by air is available.

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