What does Price Per Head means?

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What does Price Per Head means?

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    Pay per head or price per head is a term bookies use in the sportsbook business. It’s basically a service that lets bookies outsource or automate their business without incurring a lot of costs.

    Think of it this way: Say you’ve got a bookie who’s taking calls for bets. That’s fine, but it’s a lot of work. First of all, you can’t take bets 24/7 if you need to answer your phone all the time. If you’ve got a popular sportsbook business, all your overhead would go toward paying a bank of operators to man phones. Which also means renting a space, paying phone bills, insurance, etc. There go all your profits.

    And that’s not even getting into the whole backend stuff - payouts, odds updates, risk management. It’s a big investment of your time and your money.

    So, what a lot of bookies do is use a pay per head or price per head service. It’s run online using specialized software, like BETTING’s - Basically, if you’re a bookie you’d go to and get their pay per head service. In return for their services, you’d pay for every *active* customer you have.

    So if you have a hundred customers but only 4 of them make a bet on any particular day, you’re only going to pay for those four people having used the service.

    And unlike a call center, pay per head service fees are less the more people you have using it. Imagine telling a bunch of telephone operators you’re going to pay them less for more calls!


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