What does Toyota Mark X has to offer to customer?

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I have seen Mark X, by the looks of this car it seems pretty nice one, can you tell me little bit about this car, what are some of the  best features of Mark X and what does it offer?

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  1. Guest4068

    The Toyota Mark X has the same rear wheel drive platform as that of Lexus GS luxury sedan and it  was developed with the concept of creating a unique, dynamic and stylish sedan that enhances the joy of sharp driving. It has deeply sculpted character lines and also attractive surfaces, they combine together a three-lamp configuration for the headlights and the integrated rear bumper and diffuser, that  convey a sense of quality which is suitable for a luxury sedan. Proportions which are suitable for a rear wheel drive vehicle convey the driving performance at a glance. A silhouette with a relatively low center of gravity combines with a trapezoidal form to express the dynamism and energy.

    The Mark-X is powered by a 2.5 liter V6 engine that generates almost 210 horsepower. Mark X has a Sequential Shift-matic transmission as it provides fully automatic operation as well as the pseudo-manual for a much controlled drive. The automatic 6-speed gearbox offers smooth, calm and noiseless drive. There is Additional driving pleasure which is suitable for a new platform that comes from class-leading strong driving performance, and has excellent maneuverability and the driving stability, as well as from the high levels of quietness and riding comfort.

    This car is specifically designed for those people who want to have a luxury vehicle such as Lexus quality with the combination of reliability, but they cannot afford it. It is a pretty adventurous car and you will enjoy lots of its features.


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