What does it mean a B1 visa being cancelled without prejudice?

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My mother and sister went to the american embassy to renew their B1 visa. They denied it stating that I was ilegal for some period in the US and that I got married in bad faith. This is all false and I can prove that I was never ilegal. If I am already a citizen how can they judge my marriage? Should my mom apply again?

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  1. amomipais82
    You weren't told to come back and apply for a B visa. You were told to come back and apply for an H-1B visa. The significance or major effect of the cancellation of your B visa means that the consulate did not want you going back to the U.S. as a B nonimmigrant and then changing status again.

    When a visa is CWOPed, it implies that the bearer of the visa could get another one, if he qualified. It means that the visa was not cancelled pursuant to 22 CFR 41. 122. It was cancelled as a matter of discretion. They didn't want you going back to the U.S. claiming to be "just visiting" when your true purpose would be to work as an H-1B.

    They forced you to either get the H-1B visa or stay in India.

    The Canadians have their own criteria for visa issuance. They might be interested in why your U.S. visa was cancelled.

  2. Guest6673
    my B1-B2 visa has been cancelled. now can i appear for P3 visa.orwhat should I do to go to USA and after how manyyears should I apply for p3
  3. Guest1908
    what oes t mean a b1 visa being canncelld without prejudice
  4. Guest4243
    if they cancelled ab1 visa without prejudice?can i apply again?
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