What does it mean when a boy calls you bad girl and naughty?

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Hi guys my name is Eliza and i am a 6th grader in Middle School.In one of my classes there is this boy and he usually always tries to get attention from me and he sometimes (but not always) touches my arm and waist.One time he almost touched my hand but it wasn't my hand it was my wrist.But,when we were sitting next to eachother in class one time,he called me naughty girl and bad girl.He is all like"you've been a very naughty girl haven't you?!' and later on like 5 minutes later,he had said this "you bad girl!" then like seconds later,he said "you are a bad girl!" he also said "you have been a bad girl right?you have been a bad girl haven't you?yeah i know you have bad girl!".Then while we were working his arm and my arm were touching eachother and he never moved his arm away from mine.Plus,on our way out of class,he just bumped into me and touhed my waist!!!Soooo do you think he is flirting with me or does he like me?....or...bOtH??

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  1. Guest6770
    Dude,he wants to DO YOU.Thumbs up people if you agree...

  2. Guest9531
    Eliza,my name is Isabella and i know guys very well....i need to tell you something rite now...that boy wants to do 5 things with you...1:be your boyfriend,2:get your phone number,3:kiss you (on lips),4:wants to go out with you on dates,and finnaly 5:DO YOU
  3. Guest354

    what does it mean when your boyfriend calls you naughty in 6th grade?

  4. Guest1427

    heyy eliza!!! im charlyn!!!  i agree wit isabella. dat boy wnts evrything wit u.

  5. Guest6102

     etts annoying huh.

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