What does it mean when a guy...

by Guest8229  |  11 years, 8 month(s) ago

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touches your butt??he didn't touch it literally,but today,in classs we went outside so we could mesaure circumference and stuff,but anyways  he had been teasing me,and 2 other guys and he touched my butt with the ruler the thing that we were gonna use to measure and the other guy laughed!!!whats that meen??but this guy seems to like me because he stares at me alot and he teases mne alot and even my friend said he likes me!!!he also gets jealous if i stare at other guys i can tell!but whats tht butt thing meen???

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  1. Guest6481

    he probly just has a crush on you and wanted to find some way of getting your attention or annoying u; it's what guys do.

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