What does wikileaks report say about China?

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Wikielaks has published documents about china. In a cable revealed by wikileaks state that, China blocked UN sanctions on 3 Pak-based terrorists. I read in a news article that: China, at the apparent request of Pakistan, put a "technical hold" on an Indian request to the UN Security Council to slap sanctions on three terrorists, says a secret State Department cable of December 2009 signed off by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. China in its capacity as the Permanent Member of the UN Security Council has the veto power and nothing can be approved by this 15-member high-powered body of the United Nations without the consent of Beijing. "On the international stage, Pakistan has sought to block the UNSCR 1267 listings of Pakistan-based or affiliated terrorists by requesting that China place holds on the nominations. China recently placed a technical hold on the designation of three Pakistan-based or affiliated terrorists nominated by India, although China did not prevent the most recent Pakistan-related US designation nomination in June," says the secret State Department cable, which primarily deals with the issue of terrorist financing. What are further details as stated by wikileaks about this news? Do you know that?

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    The information wot you have written over here is the latest. Still if you want to know more then wait till new updates.

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