What extra’s does a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport have in comparison with the Normal Bugatti Veyron?

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Wanted to get an insight of the modifications and additions Bugatti has done with the Veyron to achieve the mark of “Worlds fastest car”.

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  1. James Harley

     Jens Schulenburg, Bugatti vehicle engineering chief explained, "To get more horsepower, you need more cooling. To get more cooling, you need more airflow through more and bigger radiators. To accomplish this, you need to redesign the front end. When you do that, you change the aerodynamic balance of the car at speed. To rebalance the car, you need to change the roof and rear fascia."

    Changes Inside the Super Sport in comparison with the Veyron are little, the cabin remains beautifully straightforward the Super Sport feels less elegant.

    Changes have been made to the powertrain. To make 20 percent more power, the 8.0-liter W16's intake system features 10-percent larger turbochargers and new intercoolers capable of flowing more boost (1.5 bar vs. 1.2). The engine's 1,200 horsepower peak comes at 6,400 rpm with a regulated max torque at 1,106 pound-feet between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm (a grand higher than the smaller-turbo'd Veyron).

    The hydraulically controlled seven-speed DSG features improved cooling, stronger cogs (2nd and 3rd gears), a taller 7th gear, and revised programming. Oh, and AutoblogGreen readers, take notice: efficiency is said to be up by 10-percent on the highway. Supplied by racecar transmission builder Riccardo, the gearbox retains its uncanny ability to deliver shifts you hear but don't feel, while the standard all-wheel drive system is fortified with stronger half-shafts.

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