What facilities are available at Islamabad Airport?

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I need to know that what facilities are available at Islamabad Airport? Does anyone have idea about this?

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  1. Guest3329
    At Islamabad international Airport following facilities are available:
    Shopping Arcade
    Rent a car                              
    ATM machines                            
    Duty free shop                
    Public call office

  2. Guest1353

    Islamabad International aerodrome has a broad kind of duty-free stores, bistros, wireless Internet services and souvenircreative pursuits and home wares shops. There are many TV monitors and wireless connecting points in the fatal to permittravellers to ascertain air journey times and recharge their phones. There are a string of economic exchange counters andfinancial banks for example National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd, and MCB Bank Ltd. MCB and Royal Bank of Scotland (formerly ABN AMRO) have furthermore commenced ATMs that are connected to the international MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro networks. To rendezvous security and wellbeing matters, the aerodrome has furthermore freshly opened "Smoke Zones" inside the lounge facilities. These are designated glass fumes cartons where travellers are permitted to smoke. The fumes is imbibed out utilising the air conditioning so no fumes armours stay or disperse inside the aerodrome lounges. The conceive is alike to the ones glimpsed at diverse worldwide airports.

    There are distinct lounges for worldwide and household finances passengers. The household and worldwide lounges have been supplied with amenities that encompass snack bars, satellite television, public telephones and Internet services. There are furthermore lounges for transit travellers who may be journeying farther internationally or domestically. The lounges furthermore have designated plea areas. The CIP lounge can be utilised by first and enterprise class travellersjourneying on worldwide or household flights. Passengers have to be handed out an airline business card from the check-in staff.

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