What fantasy movie would you most recommend?

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What fantasy movie would you most recommend?

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  1. Victor Strong

     The other fantasy movie that I would most recommend is the first movie from the The Lord of the Rings trilogy - The Fellowship of the Ring. Based on the book series of the same name by J.R.R. Tolkien, the film is fantastically directed, has a deep and rich story in a totally unique world and features excellent action, drama and some comedy.

    Beyond this, it is part of a lovely trilogy of films, so one film could turn into three should you enjoy it enough. It was recognized and won several Oscars as well as legions of fans.

  2. Jasdev Grewal

     There are so many you could choose from. If you like older films you should look into The Princess Bride and The Wizard of Oz. Both movies were made at different times for different generations but appeal to people of all ages. They are both classic fantasy movies that have been watched and enjoyed by almost everybody that I know.

  3. Victor Strong
    I highly recommend Pans Labyrinth. It was directed by Guillermo del Toro and it is about a princess of the underworld wanting to explore earth and the long process of her journey back after she dies and her spirit is in a girl named Ofelia. It has great acting, an even better story line, fascinating creatures, and it takes place in the 1940's in Spain after the civil war. The movie is in Spanish but I believe it adds a certain something to the movie.
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