What has made the Arizona Cardinals the surprise team of the 2014 NFL season so far?

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What has made the Arizona Cardinals the surprise team of the 2014 NFL season so far?

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  1. Victor Strong
    The way that I see it, I think the team is elite in 3 vital areas to succeed. They have: 1. excellent coaching including head coach and offensive guru Bruce Arians, 2. excellent physical talent including blue chippers that have developed as expected and projects that have also developed rather than flopped and 3. a level of self-confidence and belief that should seem irrational to pretty much anyone.

    They are however 8-1 and have done so with their second and even third string quarterbacks playing significant minutes. This is due to the level of confidence Arians instills in his team and his ability to outscheme and outcoach what is seemingly most coaches in the NFL.

    Their defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is possibly the hottest head coaching candidate around, leading a defense missing 3 pro-bowl caliber players that has yet to surrender more than 17 points in a game. They can play a wide variety of game plans week to week and leverage their strengths against the strengths of their competition.

    Last but not least, their talent; speed, size, agility and execution shows up week in and week out. Throw in the fact that their home field advantage is possibly the most underrated in the NFL (sorry Kansas City), and we have the makings of a dangerous team.

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