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Do you know what is the meaning of this word AIESUFHAILEUHLIWCUBLFIUBAWLIFUBALWEUIFGA? The meaning is not available online, Please help!




  1. Lupita Federer

    It was an article on social media that hadAIESUFHAILEUHLIWCUBLFIUBAWLIFUBALWEUIFGA in the heading.The article was a semi-humorous take on the killer wasp news coming from China. You can look up the hornet, it is called Vespa mandarinia and it is one of the biggest of its kind.

  2. Tony Amiller

     These hornets are for real and people in China are dying because of their stings. I heard that if you keep running they don’t stop chasing you, maybe someone should try to not run. But given how these are scary little buggers, I know anyone would run like crazy after seeing them. And yes, AIESUFHAILEUHLIWCUBLFIUBAWLIFUBALWEUIFGA means nothing I think its just an expression like $%@%#$^$!!

  3. Nicole Andre

    There no such word or term as AIESUFHAILEUHLIWCUBLFIUBAWLIFUBALWEUIFGA. It is just a random mix up of letters to go with a post about killer hornets. I am not sure if these hornets are real but they do look pretty big and their venom is said to cause kidney failure.

  4. Sophie Brugger

     I saw this on Facebook with a post about these killer hornets in China. Even CNN covered them and apparently these giant wasps have killed more than 19 people in China's central Shaanxi province. They really are huge and have large stings which pass on their venom.

  5. Sarah Stuart

     AIESUFHAILEUHLIWCUBLFIUBAWLIFUBALWEUIFGA is not a word or an expression. The people at Gawker just used random alphabets for a social network post to generate interest and curiosity. The article itself also had a half-serious tone, conveying the sense of impending doom at the hands of giant wasps. Was both funny and scary!

  6. Jessica Robort

     It is nothing more than random characters showing fear, shock and the lack of words to explain how the reader feels after reading about these giant hornets which have killed more than a dozen people in China.

  7. Kate Willson

     AIESUFHAILEUHLIWCUBLFIUBAWLIFUBALWEUIFGA was used by Gawker for an article posting, possibly to show shock and panic, because the article was about killer hornets which can grow up to 2.2 inches in length.

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