What is Askari bank's Alternate delivery channels all about?

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I am fond of getting knowledge regarding banks. I am searching about Askari bank these days. I want to know What is Askari bank's Alternate delivery channels all about?  

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  1. Guest5762
    With the immense rise in paper less banking over the past 3 to 4 years it has now become imperative for banks to keep abreast with latest technology in order to provide customers with convenient and time saving solutions. Askari Bank has an array of Alternate Delivery Channels that lets the customer bank with us 24/7. Our country wide ATM network has state-of-art equipment that allows customers to withdraw cash, view statements, transfer funds and pay utility bills at the touch of a button. Our Visa Debit card allows you to shop freely within Pakistan as well as internationally without having to carry cash in your wallet.

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