What is Askari bank's call centre service all about?

by Guest4326  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I was reading an article yesterday regarding Askari bank. They mentioned that they are offering call centre services to its customers. I want to know information regarding it.

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  1. Guest5585
    Askari Bank has been one of the leading banks in the country for over a number of years now and has constantly come up with new services for its valued customers; being one of the first to start ATM and Internet Banking services. Striving for further customer satisfaction Askari Bank launched its Call Centre which became an efficient and effective medium to put information at their customer's fingertips. The Call Center provides a single point of contact for all of its customers, yet offer unique and individualized services on real time information for its time-conscious customers, as it will be available anytime-day or night.

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