What is Bob Marley’s greatest song?

by Raul  |  10 years, 7 month(s) ago

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What is Bob Marley’s greatest song?

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  1. Jasdev Grewal

    Bob Marley has made so many great songs that you cannot go wrong with your answer for this. As good as 3 Little Birds, No Woman No Cry, Buffalo Soldier, and One Love, along with many others are, I think Redemption Song his is greatest song of all time. When he wrote this song he was already diagnosed with cancer and was trying to send a message to the public to step and up free themselves from society which had made slaves out of people. It is a great song that has such a strong message and is very political.

  2. Victor Strong

     This is a question that can be answered with 5 songs and still be right. In my opinion however, Marley's greatest song is '3 Little Birds'. It is deeply symbolic, musically beautiful and totally uplifting. Its a true reminder not to worry as everything will be alright.

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