What is China propaganda about Google according to wikileaks?

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Wikileaks in a cable about China states that, The head of China's powerful propaganda department personally oversaw a campaign against Google. A dispatch on May 18, 2009 from the US embassy in Beijing quoted a well-placed source saying that Li Changchun ordered the assault on Google after discovering "critical" articles in Chinese about him and his family after Goggling his own name. Mr. Li, 66, a member of the politburo standing committee, was ranked as the 19th most powerful person in the world by Forbes magazine last year, with responsibility for controlling "what 1.3 billion Chinese see, hear and speak". Mr. Li was two places lower on the Forbes list than Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state. Mr. Li and Zhou Yongkang, the head of the public security bureau, allegedly coordinated the attack on Google, which eventually led to the US company closing down its China-based search servers. As the websites of wikileaks is banned I found these information in a news article. Now if you know further details, you can share that here with me.

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  1. Guest318
    Wikileaks has revealed a lot of secret information about the countries. As well as China is concerned I think they are right about it.

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