What is Google chrome logo inspiration?

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I love Google chrome logo and I am curious to know about Google chrome inspiration. Can you tell me bit about the release of Google Chrome web browser.

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    Google Chrome is a web browser which was developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. It was first one released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on the September 2, 2008, and the public stable release was on the date of December 11, 2008. The name is derived from graphical user interface frame, or "chrome", of the web browsers. As of the April 2011, Chrome was the third most widely used browser with the share of 12% worldwide with the usage share of web browsers, this information is taken from Net Applications.

    In the year September 2008, Google released a large portion of source code of the chrome , which included its V8 JavaScript engine, as an open source project named as Chromium. This move the enabled third-party developers to study the underlying source code and they also help in converting the browser to the Mac OS X and other system applications like Linux operating systems. Google said that other browsers would adopt V8 to improve the performance of web application. The Google-authored portion of Chromium was released under the permissive BSD license, which allows the portions which were to be incorporated into both open source and other closed source software programs. Other portions of the source code depend upon a variety of open source licenses. Chromium implements the same feature which was set as a Chrome, but it also lacks the built-in automatic updates and other Google branding, and the most noticeably it has a blue-colored logo in the place of the multicolored Google logo.


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