What is Justin Bieber's REAL email address? I am such a Huge fan.

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What is Justin Bieber's REAL email address? I am such a Huge fan.

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  1. Guest606
    well i know this is his email because sometimes he goes on webcam, but his email is:
    he made the account while preforming in the UK!

  2. Guest6630
    Actually i know another Famous Persons Email!! its
  3. Guest2121
    justin bieber is my cousin, but if you email me i'll only give it to YOU. one person, thats it, because its private and he doesnt give it to fans. So email me at and i can possibly give it to you if you have a good enough reason to why you need it. But once you tell me your reason i'm gonna have to ask him if i can give it to you or not so if its not a good enough reason i wouldnt count on it haha.
  4. Guest6983 foe real
  5. Guest9175
  6. Guest7139
  7. Guest3564
    Justin is my best friend he gave me his email address but u have to tell me a reason why u want to talk to me at
  8. Guest1127
  9. Guest8005
    ok you guys are so weird..u are not gonna get justin bieber email or phone number or anything its his personal information only his cousins like me and and friends and family are gonna get it! so if u want his number or email. too bad for u! but if u guys tell me a couple reasons why u want justin biebers number i could maybe give it to u the only reason i have it is because im his cousin!!! and he told me that he is gonna pick a couple of people who have really good answers to why he should give it to you and if he picks you you get his email and phone number if he wants to give out his phone number ok! so hope one of you people win!!! so bye people
  10. Guest8043
    Same here...Ok cousins and friends of his, I seriously love him.Here are some of the reasons that I need his email! Hehe..
    1.) he is such an insperationto me....He made me want to realize my dream and want to start singing.
    2.) I want some tips from him on how to follow my dream and become a great singer like him (even tho I'm a girl lol)
    PLease respond to me at my
    Thanks sooo much!
  11. Guest3792
    ok really im not a huge fan of justin becuz honestly hes just another persomn he may like the attention but i bet u anything he wants privacy,, for real ya'll its his opinon about everything! and i bet he doesnt even read his emails but idk ive never written one or will so cya
  12. Guest3074
    I'm really a big fan and i really want to now his email:(
    I live in The Netherlands and that really far from de USA and i really hate that i live so far a way:( Pleas where i get his email:(
  13. Guest2255
  14. Guest7052
    hi my name is bella im from london im 13  i luv justin bieber he is very sweet n i never meet him but he is in my dreams can u give me his real email adress ?plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. Guest2790
    I LOVE JUSTIN BIBERE HE IS MY LOVE:-X can u give me his real email adress ?plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    he is my love:-x:-x:-x:-*:-*
  16. Guest9936
    Même si je dis ;(je te donne mon adresse  email, Justin) et bien ça va servir à rien. parce que tu ne me connaîs pas! et si on veut savoir ton adresse email et bien, là non plus on ne risque pas d'avoir de résultat!
  17. Guest5614
    Even if I say, (I give you my email address, Justin) well it will serve nothing. because you do not know me! and if you want to know your email address and well, no one there is not likely to have results!
  18. Guest8102
    I know JustinBiebers email but I am not gonna give it to you because he is a popstar and I am a big fan but still he needs his priavisy but the reason why I love is because his personadly it is sweet and kind
  19. Guest1899

    you think justin bieber will give you his phone number or his real e-mail address??

    guys that´s his privacy if justin will say you his private e-mail can you imagine how many mails will justin get?? millions!! and if you know his phone number can you imagine how many calls he will get?? millions,too!! come on guys yes of course you can love justin and dream about him and so but please leave him his privacy!! imagine when you will be a star and habe so many fans would you give your personalitys to your fans?? - i wouldn´t guys but i know his e- mail he is my cousin!! but sorry i won´t give you justin´s e-mail because he must have a privacy!!

    bye guys

  20. Guest4863


    my name is alexa rae prats i live in upstate new york maybe miami bcuz this won't even be read by then. Im 12 and i've been inspired by: miley cyrus, justin bieber, and selena gomez E.T.C. im also gonna let you know that im not the fan of justin that is crazy yelling and screaming until im hoarse yes i love justin bieber but not like that for his personality doesnt anyone care about music anymore 1. singing is my passion anytime a song comes on i have to sing it every single day i practice singing 2. i would like to be discovered but the only instrument i know how to use is my voice i tried band (2 weeks lasted) violin(1 year) and chior (1 month) for some i felt that i needed to do something more exciting and i've been focusing on my music 3. i also do theatre and i love acting too 4. im a good person and i swear to the lord above i will never tell a soul the email address not even to my mom i promise.this is my dream.

    from, alexa rae prats


  21. Guest9953

    please,'cousins' and 'friends' of justin you know how much cousins like you are in the hole world??MILLIONS AND MILLIONS....sure you must think that I realy am stupid or something right??If Justin doesn't want to tell his e-mail because he doesn't like when people every minute contects him,would him cousins wanted it,and give there e-mail to millions people....please,grow up,think before tell something :S

  22. Guest9655

     Really I Really Wish I Could Meet Him But Im Not A Crazy Out OF Control  Person I No People Need Privacy. If Any1 Does No Him Tell Him I Said Hi

  23. Guest7597

     hello plz send me your email plz plz you like me very much

  24. Guest400

    hey everybody it's private i don't think he want's anyone to have it, just family and friends that's all

    so... stop asking

  25. Guest959

    I am your love in the whloe wide world justin i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my name is maggy

  26. Guest7801

     Hey guys.

    It is very unlikley that Justin is gonna post his personal info on the internet, but that doesn't stop us die-hard bieber fans, now does it? 

    If someone does have his real email, then when you post is (if you do) can you please show us some proof, so that we aren't wasting our time....

  27. Guest6251

    lol i knw his email and phone # he knws me well

     sorry cant give u it

  28. Guest8844

    hey justin you r great

    i love ya sngs



  29. Guest6198

    okay, I really need his e-mail ASAP. I have this friend ( we are in a fight)  and it's something so stupid it's not even worth it. I want to befriend her again with , well Justin bieber of course! Contact me @ :)(: thanks

  30. Guest2969


                                                                  my name is renad

                                                                    i'm 12 years old

                                                             my wish is to sing with   jb

                              and plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send uour e.mail address for my e.mal

                                     and thes is my e.mal

                       and     I   LOVE U>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  jb

  31. Guest699 really i talked to him before.If u don't beleive don't.

  32. Guest1949

    all you eho say your his cousins well... how do we know?

  33. Guest4243

    every one needs privacy... even pop stars. I LOVE justin beiber but i do get that he needs privacy and (as yall have said) its really for freinds and family. Im not one of those fans who would trample every other girl(or guy) in my path to just see him, but it would be AWSOME to meet him. He seems like an great Awsome guy. luv  him -ashley

  34. Guest2845  those are the only two I know because he probably has lots


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