What is Justin Biebers Real Number and NOT The Fan Number

by Guest7197  |  7 years, 11 month(s) ago

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His real phone number and please no rude comments

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  1. Guest5469
    i no it is 1-404-you-b***h

  2. Guest3987
  3. Guest7715
    my dad said that he might sponcer you from Aarons
  4. Guest6618
    can u pitz tell me
  5. Guest3987
    i know justin's real phone number not the fan number but sorry guy's it's private
  6. Guest6776
    hey guys its 1-913-385-1120
  7. Guest4093
    You guys think u have his number, but u probably done. if u think u do how did u get it ? davihotty!
  8. Guest1992
    what is his number
  9. Guest4203
    HI guys,

    Justin here i just wanted to let everybody know from boston that i cant wait to have the concert on august 27th. and by the way i wouldnt give anybody my number that would give it out to the world. you guys are never going to find it.

    peace yo.
  10. Guest9952
    404 665 3410
  11. Guest2997
    none that are listed, get real!!
  12. Guest1794
    non of you guys probably know his number
  13. Guest5685
  14. Guest511
    My cousin nows were to get a really good information on celeberties number like one day we found a website were you can search for free just enter the name and there it is all the informations you need is right there in front of you like I found out James Maslows information.
  15. Guest7744
    jojomeheta yes i called u and whos number did u give away?
    it was apparently jeff or something
  16. Guest9091
    plzzz tel me i rly wanna tlk to him. i rly do.can u help me plz
  17. Guest4071
    203-6131 i swear
  18. Guest38
    lol y wont justin bieber give us his number!!!!!!!!!!:(
  19. Guest8356
    Justin was that really u if it was im going to your concert in canada wahooo
  20. Guest950
    Well i know his personal assisstances number,you can talk to her and leave messages for justin and even talk to justin not kidding its 954-934-8412 her names samantha
  21. Guest3622

    Dude it is not ur beez waz!U guys dont need to no it anyway he is a normal kid like us but with a nice  voice! It makes me feel like i am smater then u people out there the person who asked this Q is a idot.They r just going to give u the wrong number anyway.AND I DONT HAVE IT SO DONT HINK I DO CAUSE I AM BEING RUDE CAUSE I DONT!AND I AM NOT A HATER

                               THANK U                                                          FROM

                                             THE GUEST

  22. Guest6252

    pleaseeeeeeee give me jbs number im his biggist fan in the whoooole oregon i think because if u check it i have all cds posters every magizens about him blacket pellow and shirts and even penceils

  23. Guest6559

    princessmelenalama u dont have his number b***h so f**k you u do not have it

  24. Guest5404

    None of you really have his personal number but if i had his personal number which i dont i would not share it and i have the fan line only here it is it's his say now;912-480-7007 Lol but if you text it you will get a reply from a 30103 number the message will say Thx! pre-order My

     Worlds Acoustic and then a link.

  25. Guest9288

    <p>hey my name is Tori too and im a huge fan of Justin Bieber i just started calling these numbers and&nbsp; 1-860-558-8160 didnt anwser but it went to voicemail saying &quot;hi this is justin leave&nbsp;a message&quot; so try it.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

  26. Guest2357

    If you call 1-860-558-8160 he will call the police.  STAY AWAY!

  27. Guest1185

    U guys are so stupid oves hes not gonna put it to the world, like come on its justin bieber, do u know how many people would be calling him, if that was me, and if anyone Knew my number, I would have to trust them enough, Like get realy people, and leave the poor guy alone.

  28. Guest6672

    It is 850-766-9896 i promise i called that number it was not his fan number i promise it is him!CALL IT!I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!                                                                                                               

    SINCERLY,Shaylee Crews

  29. Guest7332

    Yall are the dumbest people I have ever read about! First of all he is not even that great to be obsessing about and if he really wanted to give you his number he would give it to you. I don't like him. Better yet I can not stand him but really yall need to get a life. He's not that great and go find something useful to do with your lives.

  30. Guest7431

    you guys justin bieber is my freind and i know his phone number but you really think he would give it away im gonna show him this website and see what he says and what he says ill post it cause i dont think he will give it away and besides you'll blow up his phone okay an JB is cute but were just freinds from


  31. Guest3201

    you guys justin bieber is my freind and i know his phone number but do you really think he would give it away im gonna show him this website and see what he says and what he says ill post it cause i dont think he will give it away and besides you'll blow up his phone okay and JB is cute but were just freinds


    and justin said hi


  32. Guest7584

    s**t, f**k danm someone come hav s*x wit me youll be satisfied

  33. Guest2747

    oops im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that was veeery mean a million time crazy cousin were at a party right now and



  34. Guest5496

    he changes his # all the time no one nows it !


  35. Guest9080

    kool website how many people sign on each day?

  36. Guest8516

    IDK if u guys know JB's REAL phone number but if you do plzzzzzzzz tell me I'm dyin of anxiousness!(If that's a word) :)

    I really am gonna stay up alllllllll night callin all these numbers you ppl have given me!!!!!!!!!!  On NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT-WOOT!

    Wish me luck and hope one of these ACTUALLY works!! :)

  37. Guest8717



  38. Guest7258



  39. Guest5667

    404-665-3410 is biebers real fan #. we tried it and it worked, so stop reading and pick up the stupid phone and dail the stinkin' number. go!!!

  40. Guest54

    404-665-3410 is biebers real fan #. we tried it and it worked, so stop reading and pick up the stupid phone and dail the stinkin' number. go!!!

  41. Guest9828

    Ok, so I don't know it, but I have gone to EVERY concert he has EVER put on. I SWEAR. I mean, "One Time" is my favorite. But since I have gone to every concert, I want to know his REAL phone number, or the fan number, I don't care. All I want is a JB phone number. My name is Emmie, by the way.

  42. Guest8995

    what the f**k is the phone number my friend is about to have a surgergy all she wants to do is see if justin bieber will wish her luck and maybe talk for a few minutes  and justin bieber please give me your phon number and then after you talk to my friend and me then you can change it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me it my email address is

  43. Guest9782

     his fan number is 404-665-3410.and yes,i am a REALLY BIG FAN OF HM.i'm a young bieleber!justin bieber,my mom's email address is;and on,if you know the user name Haven2705116,this that girl:D.                                              luv ya JB!

  44. Guest2383

    people the 1-404-665-3410 is his fan number trust me on this one i called it multiple times and its his fan number its says it not lying im not a liar

  45. Guest3057

    Lol well im real scared to call these cuz if they are fake i will get alot of call backs from random strangers! i already did once  it was some little girl threatening to call the cops on me she left me an ugly voice mail saying all this stuff about my uncle is a cop and your in trouble and then at the end she said f*** you mom and hope you all realize that as soon as you call these numbers and they are fake well whoever it is gonna have your number danggg that little girl kept texting me!

  46. Guest7993

     he doesnt give a s**t about you people! u really think he cares? well he doesnt! sorry..!

  47. Guest7534

    i love jb and if u  guys want his fan number i will post it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Guest5203

    Hey Guys I Just Wanted To See Why You Put Fake Number's Up Me And My Friends Tryed All Of Them And They Were Fake(: But We Still Thank You For The Fan Club

  49. Guest7234

    he changes it all the time none of u guys are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD

  50. Guest3748

    none of these freaking numbers are reall ................... damm!!

  51. Guest1249

    you guys are so dumb do you actually think your ever gunna get ihs number!!!!

  52. Guest3971


  53. Guest5996

    Hi i wish someone could have justin biebers number ive tried everything just someone help me


  54. Guest1796

    OKAY Justin only has a fan number that's out on the internet. I just called it today (March 8th 2011) ANND this guy comes on and it says Justin changed this number. You can see for your self. It's the only number out there for JB. It's 404-665-3410. I was dissapointed when this number changed. :(((

  55. Guest3154



                                                                                                   LOVE TINAA!

  56. Guest4169

    i know it way

  57. Guest8242

    he will never give out his real number. I'm a huge fan, but sorry for the bad news: HE WILL NEVER GIVE IT AWAY!!!:(     :(     :(

  58. Guest9963

    justiin biebers number is 9214845 this girl will answer and its his cousin and ask her if justin bieber is there and if she say no she is lying! cuz  i herd jb in the background and he took the phone and was talking to me!!!!! btw the girl name is Liya pronounced lee yah


    - Trish

  59. Guest7548
    Ok im only eleven years old but I want to secretly have s* my plan is to get to know someone. Be able to go to their house and GET MY GROOVE ON! My email address is please please please contact me if u are also eleven and wanna have it wit me!
  60. Guest8071

    i love you sexxi b***h


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