What is Justin Biebers email address??

by Guest547  |  8 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I really want it!!!!

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  1. Guest3147
    I dont know!!!

  2. Guest4755
  3. Guest9497
  4. Guest2234
  5. Guest6877 this is really his emaill
  6. Guest2631
  7. Guest9600
    i have it but he told me not to give it to anyone sorry.

                                  i love justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Guest5550
    he is so hot i don't know
  9. Guest9158
    i need it really bad i want him to perform at my bday party
  10. Guest3886
  11. Guest6146
  12. Guest6713
    what is your e-mail  i what to be your friend                                                                        
                             I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER  YOU ARE MY 1 IDEAL
  13. Guest805
    ok well i know his email, he is on my email i would give it to you but he told me not to give it out to anyone sorry but he did tell me to give his fan site its go to it if your a fan thats all i can say sorry to all thoes girls who want to know... oh and he does go out with some one you wanna know her name well im not allowed to tell, but he told me he didnt care, but the his agents dont want me to her name is Tiernei Gossett she just got her acting carrer started so you will see her before long...

    from: a friend
  14. Guest2135
    wtf r ur problems??? as if were gonna beleive dat those r his real email...
  15. Guest8171

               "YOU ARE MY NO.1 GUY..... JUSTIN BIEBER"
  16. Guest2467
  17. Guest2270
    my friend told me it was but i havent tried it yet
  18. Guest2011
    how would justin have a girlfriend if he just asked rihanna out not long ago??

    = justin ily ;p
  19. Guest7663
  20. Guest9879
    hi!! i know u what justin biebers email address and so do I but i know for a fact that justin is a funny and smart,cool,taladeted,great,hot and cute but it not all ways about the looks, its whats in the inside that madress, justin is a great person even if i have't met him I love him even if he don'ts love me I will all ways love him and theres nothing u are any one can c do to make me get that feeling out of my heart!!!!!
                                                 I llllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee u justin even if u are five years older the me which is not that bad thougth because age does not matter as long as u love that person for who they really are just like I love justin and Ibet u love him to.I don't love justin because his fames I love him for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Guest5462

  22. Guest581
    IT is it works try itI dont know why its sour but he is funny so yu[p
  23. Guest5304
    ok i met justin after his concert going to his limo!! LOL at like 2am he walked outside!!!!!... but the point is justin told me i could give it to a couple people because he told me it was hard to keep up with it but hes trying to answer them all but it s he added me b/c i gave him my email but idk if he'll add ya but you can try..
  24. Guest4973
    duh everyone knows his email adress its so easy to find out but whats not easy to find out is his number i have it if you want his number your going to have to call me at 515-96 ha ha ha im not giving you the rest LOL btw its really hard to find seriously i know his number but i dont call him all the time because it bothers him
  25. Guest1774
    i don relly no 2
  26. Guest2003
    i have some, but i don't know which one it is:

    HOPE IT HELPS!!! : )
  27. Guest8998
  28. Guest1974
    I honestly dont know what J.B's e-mail address is but if any body knows what it is i would love to have it!!!
  29. Guest3638
    I wannt it because then I can
    email you!!!!

      your secret edmiorer!!
  30. Guest9173
    its hes my bf duh
  31. Guest9813
  32. Guest1063
    if  u  no  it  that  would  be  awsome  then  if   u  give  it  to  me  i  would  be  your  bffl
  33. Guest7144
    no you are all wrong he gave it to me and i would give it to you but know one can e-mail him because Justin and i are dating. And he tells me every thing. So don't you dare e-mail him.or you will be wishing that you didn' me so girls that i know did it any way and they were wishing that they hadn't after wards. Me and Justin e-mail every day. and we also make out 3 times a day. He is so hot and he porposed to me yesterday so we decided that we will get married on August 3rd. I love him so much. i can't wait until we get married.
  34. Guest9279
    I don't his e-mail adress but I know his phone number .... 404.665.3410 I know it because he told it on youtube.
  35. Guest733
    ok then Guest18325619
    but i have Justin's email address and i spoke to him for like 2 hours :)
    but he made me promise i wouldnt give it out, because if i do he will delete his account.
    oh and FYI justin is single... :D
  36. Guest7834
    Actually no me and Justin are about to get married so shut it. And if you even try to Do any thing with him you will regret it. And fyi he's about to get married.
                Number 18325619
  37. Guest213
    I am not shore what jb e mail address is but do you guys know his phone number?
  38. Guest7783
    What is his phone number? Can i please have it? PLEASE???!!!!!
  39. Guest5628
    vorrei sapere se ci sarà a luglio a roma il concerto di justin bieber
  40. Guest577
    vorrei sapere se ci sarà a luglio a roma il concerto di justin bieber
  41. Guest9378
    vorrei sapere se ci sarà a luglio a roma il concerto di justin bieber
  42. Guest6262
    you know i don't really know and i don't he wiil get marride he is 16 duh
  43. Guest8930
    i know he lives do you want to know
  44. Guest9330
    Justin Bieber mai vi daro e La Posta Elettronica, perchè se la non ci sarebbe mai in Grado di tariffa i Suoi Bisogni.
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    Traduzione in italiano:
    Justin Bieber non ci dara mai la SUA email Perchè se no non avrebbe tempo copre per le Sue necessità. La stessa Cosa vale per Il n ° telefono se ce lo darebbe avrebbe miliardo di chiamate.
    Che Così Canadese E SI E Il Che e trasferito in Oceania o tal Pasquale Il Che lè per stare Vicino Al Suo usciere amico roth Il Cantante non ci dara mai Il Suo Indirizzo Sé, la casa sarebbe invasa fan DAI Suoi, IL Che guaio!
    Comunque se volete conoscermi vi do la mia e-mail: princess.mena @ hotmail. e la mia parola d'ordine e ***********. comunque ho 11 Anni e mi chiamo mina ciao ciao ciao.
  45. Guest7594
    i don"t know jbs email but i"ll pay him to sing at my b day:)
  46. Guest7977
    JB is hot
  47. Guest3742
    I love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg he is super hot.  If u know his address thjedn give it out it would be nice to know i mean seriously we want to tell him what we are like and see if he wants to date us
  48. Guest149
    I love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg he is super hot.  If u know his address thjedn give it out it would be nice to know i mean seriously we want to tell him what we are like and see if he wants to date us
  49. Guest6178
    I love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg he is super hot.  If u know his address thjedn give it out it would be nice to know i mean seriously we want to tell him what we are like and see if he wants to date us
  50. Guest520
    IDK what Justin Biebers email address is butt I would really like 2 know sooo i can gett 2 know him better and if u know it please email it 2 me @
  51. Guest8919
    I really really really really really really want  Justin Biebers email and phone number so i can marrie him i live near him
  52. Guest6906
  53. Guest2400
    Me and my bff love JB. i want to marry him.
  54. Guest1005
    mga gago kayo
  55. Guest1828
    you know what shut the f**k up you b*****s face it no one knows his e-mail or address so deal with it
  56. Guest9063
    i know it it is verry strange it is
  57. Guest9914
    i hope i knew it but i don't
  58. Guest9179
    MAN!!!this sucks<<<get over it and give it>>>>WHY? are you asking question...FINE!!!we dont want it either...and in fiji little of us FANS justin bieber>>>>know we dont>>>thanks alot for the songs......
  59. Guest4477
    i don't no but if i did i would email him 4ever cause hes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. Guest8188
    his email is

    this is FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  61. Guest4556
  62. Guest370
    justin bieber                                                                         adress                                                                         is                                                                   
  63. Guest9824
    i love you
  64. Guest6918
    um h**l yea Guest18652302
  65. Guest7385
    give me his adress
  66. Guest4055
    HIS E MAIL IS I TALKED TO CAITLINE BEADLESS !!! thats what she said it is!!
  67. Guest8529
    i like to know of justin bieber email 'cause he is my idol or #1 fans me  MY ANSWER IS
                                                              secret cute girl <3
  68. Guest4396
    okay omg he is on myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! type in justn bieber on people search and he iz on tere!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG TIZ IZ REAL DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Guest6738 btw its his girlfriend
  70. Guest2610
  71. Guest8794
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  72. Guest680
    im justin email address is....:
    and my password is....

    justin beiber
  73. Guest7305
  74. Guest5712
    Guest20305295 if you were justin bieber thats not how you spell his last name cause you put beiber but its bieber
  75. Guest7992
  76. Guest1714
    it is
  77. Guest6873
    it is in his gfs name :
  78. Guest9280
  79. Guest9398
  80. Guest4196
    f*k none of yall know his real one and yall know that!
  81. Guest2716
    It is
  82. Guest2786
    Well i dont know. but if any of you steel him you are going to be dead with my AK47 ah huh and i have a secret my TBFF know about and it is NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS TO GO AND SHOVE A CORK UP IT.. He is mine no 1 eses. so you guys bachk off of him of i will SHOOT YOU. oh and thks for the awnsers now i will chat with him. oh and for that stupid girl who said i know his real address and he told me not to tell you guys atherwise he will delete his account... WHAT A STUPID PERSON YOUR SO DUM AN APE WILL KNOW THE AWNSER . Oh and thks for the awnsers. ciao
  83. Guest8590

  84. Guest2479

     Justin Beibers real email harrass him

  85. Guest1680

    justin bieber is soooo stuuuupid my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Guest283

    all of u guys r stupid i know justin cuz i have danced background for him in many of his videos and all of yall r dead wrong about his e-mail and or his fone number cuz i have both of them

  87. Guest5763


    the reason for the ♥ is so not many people would email him, but i honestly love him and i actually went to all of his concerts... Jealous much!!

    ily JB!!

  88. Guest5043

     i have his real email cause my friends dad nos him and ur all wrong!

  89. Guest5605

    his work email is if you send him an email with no subject he will have to read it! he replied to me!


  90. Guest5683

    Please tell me I need it:(

  91. Guest8360

     guest 20305295 if u r justin bieber u would spell his second name like this bieber not like this beiber and i know his number and email.

  92. Guest3325

     UHm ok You guys are INSANE justin bieber is single and Im pretty sure he doesnt want fan emails ALL THE TIME . and whats withh all of this "Oh im dating just bieber and we make out 3 times a day" #1 Your pshyco . Your just a obbsessed fan. 

    #2 He isnt going to give out hi reall f****n email or phone. if you want to talk to him find his fan email . 

    #3 i actually have talked to justin and i have his realy email. I know ryan and he gave it to me. justin doesnt want any fans emailing him on anything but his fan account. Sorry dude. 

  93. Guest4075

    y hes an a*****e

  94. Guest4363

    Guest19871897, you are an IDIOT! Cause yu spelled Caitlin Beadles wrong. And how do you know her. You are prolly just some creep who found her on Justin's page. And you FREAK girls. Stay away. He doesnt need all you dumbasses e-mailing him. SO BACK OFF. Retards...

  95. Guest1524

    Ya'll need to calm down! If Justin does give you his email thats fine but i am sure he dosent want you to tell the whole world! Plus he needs his own space just like us so its ok to email him but dont tell him you want to marry him. To round it up be a fan but not a CRAZY fan he needs his own space!

  96. Guest9961

     Hey all of yall are wrong. I am a fan and we have been chatting for a long time. All of yall are wrong. His REAL one is......oh wait he said I can't tell anyone!!

  97. Guest6004

    u all know i dont think anyone made this website for people to fight

  98. Guest7720

  99. Guest7401

    i dont know

  100. Guest5109

     i just sent him a real e-mail with his real e-mail address and i am only 11.

  101. Guest5153

     i just sent him a real e-mail with his real e-mail address and i am only 11.

  102. Guest8642

    ALL of  you are INSANE! justin bieber isnt gonna be stupid and give out his email or phone number! cause of all the freaks out here and the girls would NEVER leave him alone..and you all are wrong justin is not an a*****e and is not stupid or dumb so just back off..and if his fans wanted to message him or email him they can.He would not care he loves his fans and is a very nice person so all rude and negaative people just LEAVE,we dont want you here anyway!and justin & his family need their privacy..justin works all the time and is always keep trying or whatever your not going to find  anything..(: I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER<3

  103. Guest894 please, this is for cool, nice fans who wont send me hate mail or anything like that- yes im Justin Beiber and i will try to get back to you when i get your messages but dont send more than two if i dont get back to you. This is a fan mail site only so please dont send hate mail. I can send you pictures of my tours and expeiriences that are not open to just anybody. Thanks and hope to start getting your emails soon.

  104. Guest2558 is his e mail dur

  105. Guest9444

    Hello All, this is the agent justin fired >:( im super mad so u want his email here it is please flood it with lovy mail or even hatred please FLOOD it this is it :  bieber spelled wrong on purpose to make it seem fake

  106. Guest397

     Guys i dont think justin's gonna put this information on the internet i mean all these e-mails are all different and everyone is saying that its the real one justin will give it to people he really knows and trusts he could get in a heap of trouble if someone who hated him started talking to him so guys just give up!!!!


    p.s cant wait to see you next year at ur concert

  107. Guest1442

    u guys are stupid he is not goin to put hes email and fone # cause he'll have 1 millon calls and emails and some of u ppl dont even no how to spell bieber rite gosh!

    ps. this is on his myspace and facebook his fan # thingy is:1-404-665-3410

  108. Guest6522

    i want it please


  109. Guest9847

    i want it please


  110. Guest4749

     i got it but justin dosent have facebook he only has myspace twitter igot this website i cant tell you it givves all the celebrates email and profiles im srry i give  i give them privacy !!!

  111. Guest6326

    Okay so, hi girls. This is Justin Bieber. And if you want my E-mail, then i will say once, and only once, that I'm not aloud to give out any information for work purposes. I only give out my Information like my cell phone #, or my E-mail address to my friends. I'm very sorry, and if i could, i would give it to you. :)

  112. Guest1521


    its justin biebers girlfriend,


    i know his email address

    but i promised not to give it out,

    we make-out a ton and i love him!

    i love kissing him!!!!!

    Jasmine *. *********


  113. Guest4307


    its justin biebers girlfriend,


    i know his email address

    but i promised not to give it out,

    we make-out a ton and i love him!

    i love kissing him!!!!!

    Jasmine *. *********


  114. Guest7252

    justin bieber is the bestest singer in the whole wide world and i love him more than all u other girls do i love him more than words can discribe it LUV u justin

  115. Guest3553

    o.k. so all of the wack jobs that posted "justin beiber's email" expect all these people to belive you?I didnt think so plus have you ever heard about personal bubble another point is if you give out his number he'll just delete that account anyway i would want his email but when you think about it would you want complete strangers makeing stories up about you?

  116. Guest7471

    o.k. so all of the wack jobs that posted "justin beiber's email" expect all these people to belive you?I didnt think so plus have you ever heard about personal bubble another point is if you give out his number he'll just delete that account anyway i would want his email but when you think about it would you want complete strangers makeing stories up about you?

  117. Guest342

     justin if your reading this i need your help. my friend is your number one fan and she talks about you all the time, but she's not a crazed fan she just wants to meet you and talk to you. just to suprise her i want you to meet her. everyone is so mean to her in my school. People are also saying to me that i will never meet anyone cool. please help me. i'll give you my email and cell. please call, text, or email me, and i am not a crazed fan. i love your music but i'm not crazy about you. please help and my friend's mom is really mean to me because i've never done anything nice to her daughter. from sarah lipe

    p.s i am not A CRAZED FAN!!!!!

    p.s i am 11 years old

  118. Guest1344

    justin i love u so much p.s we have a LOTin common


  119. Guest7803

    wats up


  120. Guest3771

    hae, i luv u somewat i luv u, but u r a very good singer. i dont want any personal info, but i just wanted to b friends or something like that if we cant just chat me bak n ill leave u alone well ttyl   

  121. Guest8688 atleast thats what he said last time i hung with him @ my house.... but yea

  122. Guest4708



    i am from you biggest fan but not nomber one i wish i was but i am so so far and i cant go to one of your concet.  my room is all posters of him . ilove him more than any thing in the world. i really do whant his email he is right he canot keep his email on the enternet we do whant his privasy . so if really justin is reading thes.  plz come to bahrain +u are the best + donot keep your email heir but this is my email so plz i wanna tolk with you.

  123. Guest9990

    i really know justin bieber's email

    coz we were being communication right now

    even i am here in the phillipines!!

    i love you justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Guest2187 he replyed to me!!!!!!!!

  125. Guest4085

    i dont know i wish i did know but i know that is so not possible and hope to meet him soon and noone knows his email but i wish i did then i could ask him questions and wed be friends

  126. Guest449

    u people are stupid the internet is full of poser

    so good luck finnding the REAL jusstin bieber

  127. Guest1696


    if u have a hotmail like me you can IM him!!

  128. Guest1810

    ur all cocksuckers cause ur OBSESSED!


  129. Guest390

    I went on his website and I signed up and got his fan mail. sooo here it is :]..  Justin Bieber <JustinBieber@email.islanddefjam ........If you don't believe me then you can go on his sight!  Go to his youtube channel: kidrauhl and he has his info in the info box!

  130. Guest343

    just stopp...hes prabably not goin to giv it out...hes a good singer and very popular so...GOSH...JUST LEAV HIM ALONE!!


  131. Guest5827

    i know everything about him he was born in straford ontario he has a dog named sam hes SUPER cute he used to have a girlfriend called caitlin beadles he has 2 little half siblings jasmin and gerimy his moms name is patty he likes a girl thats inteligent and hes my future husband his middle name is drew hes my future huband hes my future husband hes MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Guest9187

    hi justin your so cute i love you  me and my friend are your biggest fans our rooms are covered your posters i love you  i love u i love u   Carmin and Evelyn  i love you my favorite song is eenie   meenie    Evelyn's is  never let you go

  133. Guest5090

     You've  made the worst movie my eyes almost burned out. Cant you make a better movie?!

  134. Guest3859

    hi i love jutin bieber he is my fave singer

    i dont want his number  or email or anything

    i just would like to meet him

  135. Guest5451

    why are you all going crazy over how gorgeous he is? sure hes definately cute, but thats not what its all about. it should be about his music and how much he loves his fans and the things that he does for people, and until you truely understand that.. im sorry but youll never be a true justin bieber fan.

  136. Guest2145

    this is wat i got:-)

  137. Guest7675

    I know the e-mai but i wont tell u that and all these e-mails what are you guys written are all wrong.If you go to my youtube     or go to my twitter:  @siimEST       then i will answer!Bye,come and i will tell U!

  138. Guest7544

     i do like justin bieber alot but im not this crazy like i need it hes obviously not gunna give it out because its personal information 


  139. Guest164

  140. Guest6594

    Guys he already said it once that he cant give his e-mail or number or whatever you can come up with. Just give him some space. Its already enough work to come up eith good songs, music videos, and pics. Now you want his e-mail, thats sort of being a little over board on the big fan thing. Don't you think?

  141. Guest463

    Guys give him some space. It's already hard enough to write good music, do great music videos, and do nice pics and now you want him to e-mail or pick up the phone for you every second of every day. That to me is over boarding the fan boarder. Thats more obbsessed. Im just a fan, not obbsessed and want his e-mail or number. (but I would want his e-mail if I was a friend) :) 

  142. Guest6944

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