What is Pinterest?

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My mom and her crew are obsessed with Pinterest. I've never seen my mom this excited about anything, including my accomplishments...what is this Pinterest thing and is it here to stay?

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  1. Victor Strong

     Pinterest is a user populated, image based social network that allows users to create pinboard style pages based around a theme such as fashion, home decor or food. What makes Pinterest so addictive (see mom, your) is that it allows you to follow other people's boards while also making it extremely easy to manage a bunch of your own.

    Unfortunately for you, Pinterest isn't going anywhere. Not only is it arguably the fastest growing thing on the internet, but its stunning visual interface, ease of use and the fact that it connects people through interests makes it an absolute force. Businesses have begun creating their own pages as well, which further legitimizes its value in the world. Pinterest is so valuable in fact that it has received funding at a $1.5 billion valuation. 

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