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I want to start writing a sports blog for my favourite team, the St. Louis Rams. Someone I know recommended that I adopt SEO strategies and I was too embarrassed to ask him what that meant. Can someone explain?

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  1. Victor Strong

     SEO is an accronym for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, SEO is used to positively influence a website's organic (unpaid) search results on a search engine. Doing so is beneficial for a website as a higher ranking results in appearing earlier in the overall search results making the site far more likely to be visited by a larger group of visitors. 

    When considering what SEO techniques to adopt, it is important to first understand your targeted search engine(s) and the basis they use for ranking websites. From there, understanding how and exactly what people search (keywords) when looking for what your site has to offer is extremely important. This may result in you editing the content of your site to optimize it on search engines. 

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