What is Sarcoidosis of the lungs?

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Is there anyone who can tell me the detailed information about what is Sarcoidosis of the lungs? Please help me with complete and comprehensive details regarding my query as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Sarcoidosis is an infection of unidentified origin that causes to inflammation. This infection badly hurts your body’s parts.

    In the routine function, the person’s body immune system protects his body from foreign injurious elements. Like, it conveys exceptional cells to defend body parts that are in danger.

    These cells secrete chemicals that make other cells to detach and decimate the injurious elements. Inflammation happens throughout this procedure. Once the injurious element is gone, the cells and the inflammation move out.

    The people, those suffering from Sarcoidosis the inflammation doesn't move out. Instead of this, some of the immune system cells join to make chunks called granulomas in numerous parts of the body."

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