What is Sean Cody Model Jay's Real Name?

by Guest5395  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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What is Sean Cody Model Jay's Real Name?

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  1. Guest4428
    Is this for real? You guys need to stop watching so much p**n!!!! Step outside the fantasy you've built up in your head and step back in to reality.....basically you need to get a life!!!!!

  2. Guest2228
    Oh yeah and f**k Face, maybe you're too stupid to realize this, but people may be trying to hire these guys, these MODELS, for more legit work...and usually legit work calls for guys to use their real names instead of names like Jay j**z, and Jake Dong Master McGrogan, or whatever the f**k they use as p**n call names...hopefully legit work will never come your way because I wish nothing but than this for you friend, a lifetime spent performing in horribly low budget g*y bukake scenes, scenes in which you are anally raped severely and made to gag on your j**z... YOU ARE AN a*s, the person who needs a life is you you g*y bashing, self loathing, poor, insignificant, man w***e, s**t, diseased sore on the face of humanity...
  3. Guest4169
    You’re both losers! Actually we're all losers and we’re all perverts :-) I’m happy to admit it and I don't really care what anyone thinks!

    Don't reply if you can't answer the question!!! Does anyone know who Jay is?
  4. Guest4739
    does anyone know this guys name, he is so beautiful.
  5. Guest5926

    I know him.

    Half American, half French...

    Not straight, not bi, a real g*y s**t!

    But I don't think he'd like his real name to be revealed on internet as he has no intention to become a pornstar.

    You'll certainly never see him again in any other p**n.

    Sorry if my English is not perfect... I'm French...

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