What is Sean Cody model Billy's real name?

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What is Sean Cody model Billy's real name?

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  1. Saba
    His name is Ken Slutzky and lives in Bedford, IN.

  2. Guest8843
    Ken Slutzky
  3. Guest3569
    Nope his name is Logan Branford from Cali. My brother dated him and went to school with him
  4. Guest9822
    Logan Bratford my a*s. It's KEN SLUTZKY for real, folks.
  5. Guest3014
    It's definitely Ken Slutzky
  6. Guest5523
    It's Ken.  Look him up on facebook.  Saw it.
  7. Guest929
    so, what's his facebook? i can't find one with Ken Slutzky
  8. Guest6661
    You guys all sound like stalkers!!!!!
  9. Guest6410
    I've had enough of this!!!

    Most of the models are straight men who desperately need cash and they get it in the form of $1,900 for a solo and $5,000 for bottoming. They will usually do a couple of shoots when they are flown out for the weekend, which if they are bottoming in both shoots they will get $10,000.

    This is a business that caters to sad lonely desperate men who want to believe in the fantasy. It is all VERY staged, it’s a PERFORANCE and we are paid to ACT, weather you want to believe that is up to you.

    We are given Enemas to clean the s**t out of our a*s, we then insert a butt plug inside ourselves for a few hours (extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant) to loosen up, we are then jacked up on Viagra and given strong numbing cream to rub on our a*s holes and inside our asses. When it actually comes to penetration you can’t feel anything, I even had trouble knowing when the model on top was inside me.

    We are also told exactly what to do from the production team, which includes which noises to make, what face expressions to use and positions to be in. Even the “behind the scenes” are scripted.

    Now I hope that answers any question you odd balls my have, but If any one tries to continually contact me on facebook I will REPORT YOU for STALKING offenses. I will also happily message every person on your friends list and inform them of how much you love g*y p**n and seeking out and stalking p**n stars. Everyone in my life knows what i do and what i get up to....what about the people in your life????

  10. Guest5830
    you won't find him on facebook, and just so you know, everything that tool bag just said about being jacked up on viagra and all that c**p is a joke.
    He's pretending to be somebody he's not.
  11. Guest753
    I don't know if Guest17870290 is a former "model", what he is saying (while i know he sounds like a jerk) is quite accurate. I have had two friends who have worked with this studio, one straight and the other bisexual (they both did top and bottom scenes).

    My bisexual friend has now gone on to work with a large g*y p**n studio and his recollection of working for the Cody Media Studio ( is very similar to Guest17870290's description.

    Viagra is commonly used within g*y p**n studios and this is well documented, as is Culver (injected in to the p***s). My friends where only offered Viagra while working for Cody Media, but my bisexual friend who went on to work in the p**n industry knows of many who opt for Culver  as it doesn't give the flushed face side affect that Viagra does.

    Cody Media Studios ( is no different to any other large g*y p**n studio.
  12. Guest2797
    Yeah, it's definitely Ken Slutzky of Bedford, Indiana. It's funny because he used to be search-able both on facebook and myspace and that was still a long while after the revealation of his identity. His sister's name is Jessica and he's got a little brother or maybe a cousin? (the name escapes me) that goes to Vincennes College, Indiana. Funnily enough, those two also used to be search-able on both facebook and myspace; not anymore.

    BUT, there is a way. I believe a certain Ross Higgins, a rather eccentric Big Apple model-c*m-gaycialite hailing from the same alley as our Mr. Slutzky has, in fact, the latter on *his* facebook. Last time I saw, Higgins had close to 2000+ friends and let's say you have to click the numbers if you wanted the goods. Use your brain, homosexuals!
  13. Guest4793
    OMG you guys are all beyond help, the sad thing is you think this is all normal. Most normal people can enjoy p**n for what it is…but you guys are f*****g crazy!!!!!

    You know his sister’s name and that he has a young brother, you don't find that a little creepy?!?! He and his family have clearly hidden their profile (most likely due to freaks hounding him like you guys) and yet you find a way to still find him even though YOU KNOW he doesn’t want to be “found”...what do you hope to achieve??

    and you wonder why ppl say you guys need a life? cos if your going through all this to find an ex p**n star, you seriously have way too much time on your hands and seriously need a life.

    While it’s a waste of time me posting this (I was too shocked not to post a message) cos all you guys live in fantasy land were no matter what I or any one says all you can think about is p**n cos that’s all you have.
  14. Guest6102
    Oh please. Just who the EFF do you think you are, Dr. Do-Gooder?  The fact that you took "ungodly amount" (hint hint SARCASM) of your precious do-goody time to express your so-called morality on the internet, let alone HERE is a perfect example of how to waste one's time. :)

    BTW, you're not fooling anybody, certainly not this one. You're the exact same whiner who's been posting the same c**p (starting with the lines "I've had enough of this!!!!) in almost all other Sean Cody questions here. Sounds like *YOU* are the one that NEEDS TO GET A LIFE! And don't even deny that you are the biggest p**n addict that's beyond help here :)

  15. Guest7193
    oh daaaaaam! Has anyone spoken to him? Is he friendly? Does he talk about his p**n? Do you think he will go out for drinks? f**k i'm excited! :-D thank u so much.
  16. Guest3515
    He seems friendly from pictures I last saw of him (back in good ol' days of something called facebook networks ^smug face^)... I think he's still going out with this guy named Mark Clarke->
  17. Guest7196
    and he's a size king (queen is so overrated, you fuckers), so... if you are not packing anything down there, don't even think about it. not a chance, nope.
  18. Guest7208
    i don't get the post below? So i shouldn't contact him cos he's a size king? Does that mean he's a b***h?

    Will he talk about the video he did with owen? What owen was like? Was he a good f**k, did they f**k off camera?
  19. Guest1246
    How Can I contact him? His facebook is blocked to send messages.! I need to talk with him D: I can't live more.. every night I dream with him.. My thoughts are always him. D: I wanna be near him. D:
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