What is Ufone U-Circle?

by Guest8052  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I have recently converted my network to Ufone. I heard term Ucircle. Can someone tell me the details of Ucircle?

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  1. Guest8380
    Prepaid provides an easy way to call Friends & Family. At Ufone it is easy for you to call friends & family with U Circle. Now you can talk more for less with the most economical rates to call your Ufone Circle. Select upto 5 Ufone numbers or 4 Ufone numbers & 1 PTCL number and enjoy the special calling rate of 45 paisas per 30 seconds. U-Circle (FNF)

  2. Guest8867

     how to see my ucircle numbers

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