What is a portable air conditioner?

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A friend of mine suggest me to buy a portable air conditioner as I am facing too much reallocation of work in different parts of country. I always faced problems with moving my installed AC to another place. I have never heard about this portable air conditioner before but the idea seems to be useful for me. Can someone here tell me that what is portable air conditioner? I would really appreciate the favor.

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  1. Guest1669
    Portable air conditioners can be used to cool a specific region of a house or building within a modular manner, not requiring permanent installation. They are consumed for much the equivalent intentions and within much the equivalent passages as old-fashioned window a/c units (cooling an overly hot room, cooling rooms within ageing houses without central a/c, providing a general boost within capacity to a house with an undersized central a/c e.g. a hot upstairs bedroom, cooling a room that never had a/c ahead of but is already being consumed for living or work space i.e. an attic converted into a play room or a shed converted into a workshop, etc). Portable a/c units provide a cleaner glancing output which may allow installation within areas with stricter neighborhood ordinances/association rules, and are loosely easier towards deploy (the window design and installation portion itself becomes much less of an problem for the medium person); for this reason they are a popular alternative towards old-fashioned "window units" but do possess a number of disadvantages. For example, they loosely pricing many than for an similarly mighty (capacity) window unit e.g. a 10,000 btu mobile a/c with a regular feature predetermined may sell for $300 retail versus the equivalent capacity/featured window a/c unit at $150-$200 and they site the compressor and condenser supporter fractions interior the busied space resulting within quite noisier campaign (although modern mobile a/c units are moderately quiet and unobtrusive).

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