What is a standard web page background size?

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I am new to web page designing and I want to know the standard file size of background images of web pages. Can anyone tell me what is a standard web page background size. Do you have any knowledge about this? I have asked some friends but they do not know the answer. I tried on internet but did not find any proper information. I am really looking forward for this favor. Thanks in advance for the time.

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  1. Guest8292

    Well there are number of methods to solve this problem. As far as the background image is concerned, sometimes it is best to have a seamless tiling image. Because in that way you can adjust the image to any resolution the viewers screen is set to, it will fill the screen without looking badly. You can tile it vertically, horizontally or both. This will increase the loading time if you have a small image repeating. If you use a large image without tiling it, then you have to use CSS to fix it in place so the back ground image will not move at the time of scroll the page.

    If the banner is going to extend across the entire width of the page in your case, then design the page to fit a minimum screen resolution depending on their audience. The previous standard was 800x600, but I think that now most of the people uses at least 1024x768. If you design your pages to one of those sizes and enclose the design in a fixed table so that it basically looks the same on other screen resolutions, just with a little extra space on the sides.


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