What is blackberry logo font?

by Guest9708  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I want to design a logo for my website which is about blackberry. Can anyone tell me the font used in blackberry logo.

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  1. Guest2093

    It's not a standard font, it is a custom edited version of a standard font.. I have tried to search a lot for your answer but can't find a resonable answer for this. So most probably it might be a custom font and you can use any similar font for your website to design the logo of blackberry.

  2. Guest1606

    Can you tell me that how to change the font color on a blackberry?

  3. Guest7462

    It’s very simple to change the font color of blackberry logo, just follow these steps:

    1.Press the "Blackberry Logo" button next to the "Green" call button.

    2.Use the track pad or track ball to scroll down to the "Settings" icon, which has an image of a small gear on it. Click the pad or ball once.

    3.Scroll to the "Options" icon under "Settings," which has an image of a wrench on it. Click the pad or ball once.

    4.Scroll down the list of options that appears until you see "Theme." Click once while "Theme" is highlighted.

    5.Scroll up or down to browse the available themes and click once on the one you want to choose.

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