What is considered to be valid up-to-date content?

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What is considered to be valid up-to-date content?

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  1. Guest5129
    Content that helps describe the asset owned can include images and videos as well as links if wanted. It should also give a fresh look at the assets from where a user can understand that the information shown in the forefront is valid and recent.   A general example, if a business has moved premises it should be updated as soon as it happens, so any user browsing will know of the new location mentioned. The user will know what he is looking for and the up to date information will make him understand the content’s credibility and relevance.

    For City and State pages:  
    Content that is relevant to the headings provided such as Top 10 Events should include images and descriptions of the event mentioned, as well as videos if available.  Any relevance to the city or state can be mentioned by the use of additional headings that you may like to add.

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