What is good logo idea for textile company?

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I am new in logo Design Company and yesterday I was given this task of creating a logo for Textile Company. Please help me out because it is my first logo and I want it to be perfect. Tell me some good textile company logo design ideas? Have you ever made any logo for any textile company? Do you have any innovative idea for this? Someone please help me with this. I would be really great full for this favor. Thanks in advance for the favor.

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  1. Guest8499

    Logo design is seems to be as a quick and easy job that you create a small graphic, stick it next to some content and the job is done but in reality, logo design is a sophisticated and complex job to do. The hardest thing to do is to come up with the concept behind the logo. Logo design is one of those things that have to be perfect because a logo represents an idea, a brand and an identity or a whole company.

    I would suggest you to put some textile related image or create a thread looking image with the products company is producing and put some attractive colors in that. How about create something with some textile related instruments on it or something. Sorry I am not that much creative but I will tell you everything comes in my mind at the moment. Make piece of fabric in the raw form with some attractive colors on it. Hope this will help.


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