Immediate treatment for hypertension or high blood pressure

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I am a patient of high blood pressure since last 5 years. Although I keep a regular check of my blood pressure but still sometimes it shoots up. So far there has not been anything wrong but I would like to know about any instant treatment that could be done in case of hypertension.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    When you are suffering from a disease it is always good to know about treating the disease in emergency situations. This is because sometimes you may be away from your living place and there may be no one to take care of you. Hence if you are a high blood pressure patient, you should always be prepared for any emergency situation. There are some natural and home remedies for hypertension that can provide instant relief. You can prepare a powder which would be a mixture of melon and poppy seeds. If you take a tea spoon of the mixture mixed with water once in morning and in evening, it will serve as a good protection against hypertension. On the other hand, taking a juice of 25 to 30 curry leaves with water every morning is a good remedy for hypertension.

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