What is my liability incase my India HDFC Bank's ATM /Debit card is lost/stolen

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I am availing ATM facility of India HDFC Bank. I want to know, What is my liability incase my India HDFC Bank's  ATM /Debit card is lost/stolen

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  1. Guest8278
    For doing an ATM transaction, two things are required; an ATM/Debit Card and a PIN, which is known only to the customer.

    In case your ATM /Debit card is lost/stolen, any transactions taking place using the card on an ATM is the result of you compromising your PIN which should have been known only to you and no other person. Thus in such a scenario you are liable for the loss incurred due to the transaction happening on the ATM.

    However, there is 'Zero Liability' applicable for Debit cards only on fraudulent Point of Sale Transactions and not ATM transactions

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