What is new in dodge caravan 2011

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I am interested to but Dodge Carvan because I have bigger family and I got to know it has many new features. Please tell me about it if you know. Thanks!

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    Dodge caravan 2011, a kind of minivan, manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC and sold under its Dodge brand, has come with many new changes. It got new shape, design, features and even has more exterior and interior colors.

    Major modifications were made for the 2011 model of Dodge caravan in its styling and functionality. The suspension of Dodge Caravan was greatly enhanced, with both Dodge as it got a larger front sway bar and also redesigned rear sway bar. It got extra rear roll center height, modified and adjusted spring rates, having a new stylish steering gear, a modified front static camber arrangement, and it has lowered ride height.

    All three types of old engines were replaced by the new Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 that has six-speed automatic transmission. Now there is choice of sole powertrain in all new models. Interior trim was redesigned in a very stylish way. Furthermore, there are many major exterior amendments shown by the new "double-crosshair" grille installed on Grand Caravan. You have the option of a new chrome grille.

    Other major modifications included extra sound insulation, acoustic glass, softer-touch surfaces, new comfortable seats, new LED ambient lighting and center console, and halogen projector headlamps having LED accents.

    The 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan attained a five star rating in many categories in the US National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA)'s NCAP crash testing.


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