What is the Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool?

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I need to know about the database which is used in Australia for Natural Heritage assessment in the country? Any ideas?

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  1. Guest8180
    The Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool (ANHAT) is a map-supported database developed by the Department's Heritage Division. It helps identify and prioritize areas for their natural heritage significance, focusing on biodiversity. Significance is determined based on rigorous comparisons of specific natural values, and ANHAT is an important tool to aid an evolutionary understanding of Australia's biodiversity.
    To add a place to the National Heritage List it must be shown to have "outstanding heritage value to the nation". This requires a assessment of significance against other places in Australia with similar values. As one of the sources of information used for natural heritage assessment, ANHAT enables quick analysis and comparison of recorded biodiversity values across Australia to meet statutory timeframes, and provides scientifically robust and repeatable results

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