What is the Australian involvement in Afghanistan?

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Please detail me about the involvement of Australia in Afghanistan. Answers will be much appreciated.

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    Australian troops have been active in Afghanistan since 2001, with 1,550 personnel still deployed in the country. Among these troops, 24 Australians have been killed while serving in Afghanistan from which 23 were with the Australian Defense Force and one with the British Armed Forces.
    The key elements of Australia's commitment to Afghanistan include:
     The First Mentoring Task Force (MTF-1) based at Camp Holland at Tarin Kot, and is engaged in mentoring, reconstruction and security operations.
     The Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) focused on conducting population-centric operations.
     The ADF Engineering Team deployed to support the additional ADF force elements in Afghanistan
     The Rotary Wing Group from the Townsville-based 5th Aviation Regiment operating two CH-47D medium-lift helicopters from Kandahar Air Field.
     The Counter Improvised Explosive Device Task Force (C-IED TF) coordinating and monitoring the ADF's response to IEDs.
     The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detachment operating the SCANEAGLE UAV.

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