What is the History of University of Newcastle Australia?

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I am writing an article on the Australian Universities. Can someone tell me about the history of University of Newcastle Australia?

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    The origins of the University of Newcastle can be traced back to the establishment of the Newcastle University College at the Newcastle Technical College site on 3 December 1951. The college was established under the authority of the then University of Technology New South Wales, which is now known as the University of New South Wales. At the time of its establishment the Newcastle University College had just five full-time students and study was restricted to engineering, mathematics and science.
    The university became autonomous through the University of Newcastle Act 1964 (NSW) which constituted the university on 1 January 1965 through a Proclamation of His Excellency the Governor of New South Wales. A document known as the University’s Grant of Arms is cited as being its very own Declaration of Independence.

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