What is the M-inspired design of BMW 1-Series Coupe?

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I want to know the details about M-inspired design of BMW 1-Series Coupe, actually I am doing job in one of renowned automotive manufacturers association and in order to generate interest among members I need some information about M-inspired design of BMW 1-Series Coupe, so that I can easily convince them. Please help me, thanks.

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    In the 2009 model a new M Sport Package is introduced, that were available on both models of the BMW 1-Series Coupe. Features of the M Sport Package contains an Aero kit for minimized lift at speed , an improved top speed limiter, better brake cooling, and increased aesthetics while the Sports Suspension provides higher traction and minimized body roll with fabulous wheels and performance tires.

    In the 135i Coupe, the Sports Suspension also adds a high-performance brake system associating with 6-piston fixed calipers on the front and 2-piston calipers at the rear. Along with these, the M Sport Package for both models contains BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow line exterior trim, sport seats, BMW separate anthracite headliner, and M branded trim components including driver footrest, gearshift k**b and door sills. Lastly, LeMans Blue Metallic exterior paint is available when the M Sport Package is placed for deliver.  Electronic rear brake management is always applied in order to influence a differential lock for stronger acceleration in turns and low-traction options.

    The front suspension on the BMW 1-Series is also delivers a unique standard in its competitive group. The strong pivot spring and strut front suspension with its anti-roll bar, is built largely of aluminum and delivers an optimum combination of stiffness and low weight.


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