What is the Technical SEO Audit?

by Guest911  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I have covered each and every step to optimize my website, but its not ranking well. My friend asked me to run Onsite seo Audit, I don’t know much about it, please help!

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  1. Guest2633
    Sometimes certain technical glitches make the website or at lea some web pages invisible to search engine crawlers and they are not going to rank what they cannot see; which means that even if you site and content are excellent you will miss the opportunity to climb up the ladder on the Google search page and your investment in these factors will essentially be wasted so your technical audit should include the following:

    The visibility of the content and the cleanliness of the code: To determine this, ask yourself if the site is aced with a lot of Java script coding and if the code is unnecessarily bloated and if the content generated by the Java scrip or otherwise is really SEO friendly.

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